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Custom Coiled Electrical Cables & Cords to Complete any Project, Guaranteed


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When Good Doesn’t Cut It – Choose Philatron Wire & Cable

Philatron Wire & Cable manufacturers, right here in the USA, coiled cords, or coiled electrical cable to complete any typical or non-traditional job; Philatron Wire and Cable manufacturer provides solutions that are relied upon globally. For over 40 years we have been providing our pleased customers with cables of our diverse product range that also includes miniature coiled cords and giant coiled cables for any application and electrical power supply.

One Size Fits All Yeah, Right!

At Philatron we have standard cables that work for many. However standard is just that; standard! We take pride in creating custom coiled cables that adhere to your precise specifications. There is no odd job that can’t be completed with custom cables designed by Philatron which include:

  • Custom Tiny Cord or Giant Size MCM cable
  • Custom To Withstand Low or High Temperatures
  • Custom Made For Extra Long Extensions From Shorter Retracted Lengths

Coiled Cables for any occasion

The great thing about our coiled cables is their ability to stretch distances greater than their at-rest length. This makes them the perfect choice for many electronic devices such as medical, electrical, musical, and mechanical equipment. Coiled cables are a smart alternative to having the length you desire, while removing the tangle of a straight cable.

Check out our brand new Flexy Slinky-Action coiled extension cord for home use!

Accountability is our middle name!

We stand behind each and every one of our cables. We guarantee that you will receive exactly what you ask for. When the time comes, choose the option with a real guarantee.

Choose Philatron for your custom or coiled cable needs!

Premium custom or coiled cables, both are guaranteed to surpass any expectations and do their job for years to come. Choose 4 decades (42 yrs) of experience and many happy people; choose Philatron today.

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