Philatron Values


  • To serve our employees and their families with steady and reliable income
  • To serve our customers with good value
  • To serve our community with needed contributions
  • To grow in our Faith and Stewardship– by willingly returning service with our own
  • To care and to keep what God has entrusted us with.


  • Treating all others as we would like to be treated, with dignity and respect
  • Being a good listener, having an open mind and the courage to change our position
  • Accepting that the views, ideas and values of our clients and colleagues are as important as our own


  • Being honest, ethical and above reproach with each other and in all our business dealings
  • Delivering on commitments as the foundation for building trusting relationships
  • Always doing what is right and honoring the Truth
  • Achieving our individual and collective goals in a way that makes us proud

Creativity & Innovation

  • Creating an environment that encourages each of us to pursue our best
  • Developing leadership and individual talents, while also encouraging growth
  • To encourage and foster personal and professional growth
  • Making investment in our people and business to realize the most from our creative ideas
  • Having the courage and determination to bring new ideas to reality
  • Understanding and accepting that there are never any ‘bad ideas’

Passion and Appreciation

  • Having a relentless desire, individually and collectively, to be the best in our business
  • Believing that “good enough” is only the stepping stone to excellence
  • Celebrating individual and team success
  • Enjoying what we do and who we are
  • Being thankful for all we have and do
  • Believing that ultimately all things work together for good

PHILATRON’S commitment to the general welfare of our community is a shared dedication from the owner and employees. We believe that this manufacturing company does not solely exist to make money for the sake of making money. We believe that PHILATRON is being used as an instrument to serve others and our country.

Small and medium businesses are the back-bone of the American country, and we believe in rebuilding the American infrastructure; that is why we manufacture everything here in America. Creating jobs for Americans by Americans is one of our core values; we are a “true-blue” manufacturer. We believe in serving our employees and their families with steady and reliable income and encouraging and fostering them in both their personal and professional growth.

As part of our overall mission statement, PHILATRON’s efforts go beyond dollars raised by our company. We believe in being good corporate citizens and giving back by aligning ourselves with various organizations that share our same approach of being committed to improving sustainability for future generations.  It is also important for all of our employees to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Whether it is by helping others through monetary support, volunteering our time, cleaning up the environment, or donations and contributions to the Church body in support of both ministries and missions here, near and far.  Phil Ramos, Jr.’s belief and value system is to “give freely,” and is based on the following truths: “It is in giving that we receive,” and “To whom much is given much is expected”.

Our concern and commitment to our environment

Wire and Cable Philatron Clean AirMaking our operations cleaner is only part of PHILATRON’S “growing green” effort. Our research and development team continuously seeks to make our products more environmentally friendly and of highest standards in the most environmentally sensitive way possible.  We will strive to reduce the energy demands of our operations by maximizing the efficiency of our products and implementing sustainable business practices.

PHILATRON’S Pledge is to improve in the area of our concern and commitment to our environment.  Caring for the earth is not only everyone’s calling, but a lifestyle we should adapt. We are called to care for all God has made. We not only see this vision but also desire to hold fast to engaging in the work of healing and sustaining it.

Moving forward with this commitment, Philatron has taken the following steps:
“Green Energy” field PHILATRON provided a large Southern California utility corporation, which supports U.S. manufacturers, with miles of power cables for one of the largest wind energy farms in history.