Philatron Philosophy

One of the top cable manufacturers in the USA, PHILATRON, manufactures and sells PREMIUM PRODUCTS at SUPERIOR VALUE. PHILATRON’S Philosophy is to serve our customers with the BEST VALUE for their dollars. Our customers will ultimately receive a better return for their investment through the purchase of our high end quality cables, cords and hoses that are durable and made to last; this is the Undeniable Value we promise to deliver. Our guarantee is that Philatron Cables will last longer and be more reliable in all environments. PHILATRON’s value-to-cost ratio is very high. PHILATRON’s cables are intended for a user who requires maximum dependability with minimum replacement and down-time expenses.

Manufacturing Undeniable Value

It is our goal to responsibly deliver excellence through safe, durable superior products in a timely manner at the best possible price. We will strive to continue to listen and respond to your needs. We will pledge to produce and manufacture the best and safest products with the most current innovative designs to meet your satisfaction.