Bare Copper Wire and Cable


Bare Copper covers solid copper, hard wire, medium hard and soft annealed tempers.


Bare copper is used to provide high electrical conductivity such as electrical transmissions, ground wires and overhead distribution systems.

Specialists in Extra Flexible Large Sizes Bare Copper Wire

99.999 % Pure Copper and Oxygen Free

Philatron’s copper provides high electrical conductivity for many applications – including electrical transmissions, ground wires overhead distribution systems, industrial, transportation, utility, and the US Military.

Large Range of Sizes from 34 AWG to 4000 MCM

Philatron manufactures all its bare copper in the USA in accordance to ASTM stranding Classes: AA, A, B, C, D, G, H, I (Flexible 24 AWG), K (Extra Flexible 30 AWG, and Class M (Very Flexible 34 AWG). Our bare copper wires are available in hard drawn, medium drawn, and soft annealed constructions.

European Standards

Philatron also offers European standard bare copper stranding.

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bare copper wire and cable