Mil DTL 3432J

Military Power & Special Purpose Cables 600 and 300 Volts

Military grade and specialty purpose power cables are an integral part of many important electrical systems. These cables see use in extreme environments and must perform reliably with rough treatment. Cables must also be easily portable and stand up to abrasion and other wearing factors. This means that custom military and special purpose power cables must be designed to meet certain specifications, depending on the specific use and environment. At Philatron Wire and Cable, our team has years of experience with custom cable designs for the military and special purposes. We create 300 and 600 volt military power cables that exceed requirements and reliably provide power when you need it most. Our team of experts will work with you to find the right cables for your specific needs.

Mil DTL 3432J cables are the current specifications for custom military power cables. There are further designations that determine the specific environments and conditions that a cable is meant to withstand. Cables come with light, medium, and heavy duty designations. Light duty cables are meant to be used in less harsh environments. They are also commonly used in aviation because of the low weight. Medium duty cables can stand up to harsh environments, but emphasize flexibility and portability over extreme durability. Heavy duty cables are meant for rough use and long term durability. They can be run over by heavy vehicles and withstand extreme environments and wear. Another important designation is the cable application. This designation determines what environments and conditions the cable is meant to resist. Custom military power cables can be designed for low temperatures, oil resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and more. There are also designations for the number of conductors in a cable, the stranding, the shielding, and the diameter of the cable. Philatron will craft the perfect cable system for your applications from this wide range of designations. Contact our team today to get started.

Military Specification Mil-DTL-3432J is the current specification dated December 22, 2009, and supercedes MIL-DTL-3432H dated January 23, 2006.

nomenclature type designation

Product Specifications

Duty Application of Cable: Stranding of Cable:
3rd Designation Duty Max Voltage 5th Designation Flexibility
L Light 300 S Semi-Flex
M Medium 600 F Flexible
H Heavy 600 E Extra-Flex

Class Application of Cables:

4th Designation Application
G General purpose, medium low temperature, -40°C to +75°C
O Medium low temperature, oil resistant, -40°C to +75°C
L Low Temperature, heat resistant, -55°C to +75°C
D Low Temperature, oil and heat resistant, -55°C to +75°C
H Low Temperature, oil and weather resistant, -55°C to + 90°C
B Low Temperature, oil and weather resistant, -55°C to +80°C
C Low Temperature, oil and heat resistant, -55°C to +80°C
K Low Temperature, oil, heat, and weather resistant, -55°C to +80°C
N Low Temperature, oil and heat resistant, -55°C to +90°C
E Low Temperature, ozone, oil, weather and heat resistant, -65°C to +90°C