Philatron New Philaflex™ Military M3432 CO Cables For Ultimate Flexibility…

Introducing Philaflex™, the Ultimate M3432 CO Military Flexible Cable.

philaflex military cable As one of the top manufacturing experts of M3432 cables, Philatron continues to be a market leader for CO military cables.

M3432 CO Cables are of great importance to the military for portable field generator power and control cables. While these cables need to be highly durable with great flexibility, it is alarming that most current M3432 cables are not that durable and flexible. And none of them are flame retardant - a highly important feature that all military cables should have!

When working in tight spaces under time pressure - especially with large size cables of 1/0 AWG or larger - flexibility means everything! The new ground breaking Philaflex™ material is engineered to provide a superior great solution. Our military cable materials allow the M3432 electric cable conductor's insulation and cable jacketing to be more flexible than any other standard M3432 cable available today. Philaflex™ also solves cold weather conditions that cause cables to become ridged. And of added importance unlike other M3432 cables Philaflex™ M3432 cable is flame retardant.

Veteran Phil Ramos, Jr., CEO and Owner of Philatron, stated, "This new Philaflex™ material is lighter with more flexibility, but also provides higher temperature rating of conductor's insulation that prevents degradation by excessive heat. This is important in hot regions like the Middle East deserts where it is common for M3432 cables to blow up and burn due to high heat."

Philaflex™ M3432 CO cable exceeds requirements of MIL-DTL-3432 military specification with a temperature rating of +105⁰C to -65⁰C and is fire retardant.

Philatron provides you with USA made quality military cable assemblies that you can trust.