Anatomy of Stallion Air

ISO 9001 2008 Certified

ANTI-KINKING Nylon air lines can kink and cause dangerous air blockage. Stallion-Flex coiled air lines are resistant to kinking. SUPERIOR DURABILITY

Air lines constantly flex due to truck vibrations and turning.When subjected to a high speed flexing test, nylon lines from three different companies failed at 3060 cycles, 8460 cycles and 51600 cycles. When subjected to the same test, Stallion-Flex II air lines did not fail after over one million cycles.


Stallion-Flex air lines have been tested to provide 11% to 13.7% faster braking than nylon lines.


Stallion-Flex air lines are certified to meet all the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

EXTREME TEMPERATURE RANGE Nylon lines often leak and break in cold temperature. Stallion-Flex air lines are guaranteed to perform in any extreme weather conditions – hot or cold. They have a temperature range of: -70ºF to +220ºF FTIGHTER COIL MEMORY

Nylon lines have space between each coil. Stallion-Flex air line’s coil memory is so tight that there is no space between each coil. This eliminates sagging and entanglement so you avoid citations.


Stallion-Flex air lines are resistant to chemicals, oil, sunlight, water and extreme weather conditions.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION Stallion-Flex air lines are twice as thick as the nylon brands.

heacy duty trucking air lines anatomy


Stallion-Flex air lines have a three- year warranty against cracking, kinking, excessive sagging or other significant physical damage resulting from t emperatur eextremes, exposure to oils and chemicals, or flexing fatigue.


Buying Stallion-Flex will save you time and money!

Stallion Flex Air Lines are the BEST VALUE in the industry:

  • FREE Glad Hand Grips!
  • 2 Times Greater Hose Thickness!
  • 3-Year Waranty