Xenoy Vs Metal

ISO 9001 2008 Certified

PHILATRON'S STALLION Electrical coiled cables, another one of our OEM qualified products— is asked for by popular demand and found to be one of the most competitive trailer cables in the industry. The Xenoy plug is non destructible, non-corrosive, light weight, and the pull force is almost 500 pounds. Xenoy plugs are far superior to metal and the competing plastic plugs in the market. Philatron has completely phased out the zinc/metal option and here are the reasons for this business decision:

  1. Philatron was the leader that changed the OEM preference to a non-metal plug & today the truck OEM standard is a non-metal plug and would like to continue to create this change and awareness in the aftermarket industry.
  2. Xenoy plugs are practically indestructible and are corrosion proof
  3. Xenoy plugs are made in the USA
  4. Xenoy plugs are competitive in comparison to the metal plugs
  5. Xenoy plugs are offered with a 3 year warranty
  6. Philatron can control production and lead times on the Xenoy plug

Do you know the difference between Xenoy Plugs and Metal Plugs?
Xenoy is a hi-tech polycarbonate that is pound per pound approximately five times as strong as steel and 20 times as strong as the die cast zinc used to make metal plugs.

Xenoy Plugs vs. Metal Plugs

Philatron Xenoy Plug

Philatron Xenoy Plugs
  • Destruction-Proof
  • Corrosion-Proof
  • Light Weight to Prevent Drag
  • -70ºF to +400ºF Temperature Rating

Metal Plug

corroded metal plug
  • Damages Easily
  • Corrodes
  • Heaviness Drags
  • Effected By Rain, Snow & Salt

Prolong Life of Sockets

xenory plug with no corrosio
  • Precision Fit & Lighter Weight
  • Prevents Vibration
  • Very Low Maintenance Cost
  • Maximum reliability. Floating “D” contacts for tight fitting connections

Allows Corrosion and Distortion That Shortens Socket Life

corroded metal plug
  • Metal to Metal Vibrations & Heavier Weigtht
  • Maintenance… more expensive than you would like.
  • Metal to metal vibration, crooked contacts, stripped connection pins, and blinking lights

Warranty: Xenoy Plug – THREE YEARS / Metal Plug – One Year
Corrosion of contacts are not covered (please see Warranty Policy page)
The choice is obvious: Xenoy plugs.
Xenoy is registered trademark of the General Electric Company.