Warranty Policy for Stallion Air & Electrical

Three Year Warranty Policy
Stallion Air & Electrical Assemblies
Best Value for Your Dollar

Philatron manufactures and sells PREMIUM PRODUCTS and SUPERIOR VALUE. Philatron’s philosophy is to serve our customers with the BEST VALUE for their dollars. Our prices may not always be the lowest, but our customers will ultimately receive a better return for their investment through the purchase of our high end Stallion Air & Electrical Products that are durable and made to last. Our guarantee is that Philatron Stallion Products will last longer and be more reliable in all environments. Philatron’s value-to-cost ratio is very high. Philatron’s Stallion Products are intended for a user who requires maximum dependability with minimum replacement & downtime expenses and lower long term costs. We promise to deliver Undeniable Value

Limited Product Warranty

PHILATRON will replace or repair any warranted product to the original purchaser if the product fails because of defect due to workmanship and/or materials within the limited warranty period of three years from the original product manufactured date. Warranties are not transferable and apply only to the original owner of the Philatron product. Warranty is effective from Manufacturer's stamped date on part OR from proof of purchase/receipt from end user. POP must be presented with returned product, otherwise Manufactured Stamped date prevails.

  • 1. No coiled assemblies less than 15 feet are warranted. This means that 12 foot
    assemblies which are designed for trailer to trailer use are not warranted.
  • 2. Abused products damaged by tractor pull away type damage are not warranted.
  • 3. Products which are damaged by blunt force are not warranted.
  • 4. Products that are damaged by abrasion, tears or rips are not warranted.
  • 5. Products that are not properly maintained are not warranted. Electrical contacts
    should be scheduled for regular cleaning and greasing in accordance to
    environmental conditions to prevent corrosion – especially in areas where
    Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride are used as de-icers.
  • 6. Products which are damaged by corrosion are not warranted.
  • 7. Freight for approved warranty is not paid by Philatron.
  • 8. Warranties are not transferable and apply only to the original owner of the Philatron product.
  • 9. Charges for replacement labor costs are not accepted.