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Coiled EVE Cable

Add Safety to Electrical Vehicles. Philatron is World’s Foremost Expert Manufacturer of Coil Cables.

Philatron is a cable manufacturer that has spent years creating ideal custom cable and wire solutions for a variety of different companies. We design innovative coiled EV charging cable to solve a number of problems that occur with ordinary EV cables. Our specialty is in designing and creating cable systems to meet your unique needs and exact specifications.

Our coiled EV charging cables are made to handle whatever your electrical needs may be. We can create everything from small to extra heavy sized EV charging cables. Come see what sets our coiled EV charging cables apart, and how they can make charging your electric car safer and easier.

Coiled cables retract on their own and rest in, easy-to-organize bundle that is safely out of the way. There are two main problems that commonly happen with ordinary electric car charging cables. With the close proximity to a vehicle, normal charging cables that lay on the ground can easily be run over by the car.

This simple accident can severely damage a cable, forcing you to buy a replacement. Another common problem with regular EV cables is that people can easily trip over them. Coiled electric car chargers keep tripping hazards off the ground and cables from getting run over. Coiled cables can make your charging station better for everyone that uses it.

At Philatron, we manufacture the highest quality coiled EV charging cables. Our cables stretch longer and retract shorter than typical coiled cables. This comes from our patented large loop ratio. Large loops mean that the cable can take up less space when fully coiled. In addition to our large loop designs, our EV cables also feature a strong coil memory. This means that our coils are more resistant to stretching out and lying on the ground. Call us today and get started on your own custom EV charging cables order.

philatron coiled ev cable

Philatron’s Coiled EV Cables delivers heavy duty performance, better cable management, and safety.

traditional ev cable

Conventional EV cables can be hazardous.

large coiled loop cable
  • Philatron Custom Coiled EV Cable for Cable Safety Management with Large Loop Patent 8563860 Slinky Design.
  • Philatron Coiled EVcables offers the benefit of a shorter retracted length and a very long extension length compared to normal coiled EV cables. Continue reading for detailed information.

To EV Cable Assembliers, Let Philatron desing a custom coiled EV cable for you and your customers

Philatron EV Cable Safety and Management for EV Charging Stations

bee on mans face
tangled ev cable
tangled eve cable on the ground
tangled eve cable under tire or a car
ev cable lying on the ground
tripping on cable
  • Did you know that most are not aware of safety hazards of EV cables!
  • Philatron EV Cable Safety and Management for EV Charging Stations
  • Currently most charging stations have straight EV cables laying on the ground!
  • EV cables laying on the ground pose danger of being ran over!
  • EV cables laying on ground pose dangerous tripping!

Cable Management

ev cable system

There is a need for EV cable management!

rail eve system

Retractable cable reels are a good idea but they are expensive and too small for large size EV cables

philatron eve cable retractable system

Solution: Coiled Cable But not normal coil cable…

Normal versus Large Loop Coil Cable

 traditional coiled ev cable small loop

Normal Retracted to Extended Ratio is 1 to 5. For 20 feet of extension length – Normal coil need 4 feet of retracted length. (4x5=20)

large loop coiled ev cable

Large Loop Retracted to Extended Ratio is 1 to 25. For 20 feet of extension length – Large Loop coil needs just 9.6 inches (.8 of 1 foot - .8 x 25=20)

car with eve cable sagging

The Normal Coil Cable can sag to the ground.

normal coil eve cable lose touching the ground

Normal Coil Cable can lose coil memory and lay on the ground.


concept of the large loop coil cable

Concept of the Large Loop Coil Cable Extension ratio 1 to 25

concept of large loop coil cable attach to a car

For improved safety and cable management the Large Loop Coil Cable can be designed from reaching ground and for small size and extra heavy size EV cables.

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