W Cables | Type W Cable

APPLICATION: For extreme environments and working conditions where maximum resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, oil, fuel, abrasion, and flex fatigue is needed. Philaflex mining cables and power cables are designed for powering heavy duty equipment used in mining, cranes, construction, drilling rigs, ships, emergency hospital black outs, movie/stage lighting, submersible pump, undersea and military field operations. Philatron Wire & Cable is a custom mining cable, ship power cord, and marine grade wire manufacturer and all cables are made in the USA to high quality standards.

  • Philaflex Double Wall Cross Linked Polyolifin Rubber *
  • Extreme Desert to Artic Temperature Ranges: +125°C to – 60°C
  • Extremely Reliable and Not Effected by Direct Sunlight & Ozone
  • Extra Flexibility for Safer Handling
  • Chemicals, Oil, Fuel, Salt Water, Abrasion, & Crush Resistant
  • MSHA Approved – Philatron’s Certification Number: 7K-281151
  • Lead and Asbestos Free for Safer Environment
  • Extra Flexible Stranded Bare Annealed Copper
  • UL Listed Type PPE 2000 Volts 105°C Portable Power Cable
  • Meets National Electrical Code for Type W Cable Applications

Configurations of Type W Cable that Philatron's Offers